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Frequently Asked Questions

Is ORGANIC FOOD BAR really organic?

Absolutely, positively, ORGANIC FOOD BAR products are one of the world’s FIRST and only certified organic whole food bars according to the organic guidelines set by the USDA, EU (European Union) and are Canadian, Australian, Japanese and Korean compliant.

Many products are touted as “organic,” but they only include a portion of organic ingredients and may also contain synthetic USP vitamin supplements. We think this is disingenuous. We believe that if you say you’re organic, then you should mean it. And, we mean it!

Our certified organic RAW vegan protein powders are healthful and TASTY including our cold pasteurized whey protein powders that are full of flavor!

Why did you create ORGANIC FOOD BAR?

We believe your health is your most precious asset. We believe everyone can improve their health and that the smallest changes can have profound impact. We also believe many food companies, particularly in the food and energy bar categories put profits over people, and that some are indeed disingenuous about how they market those products to adults and children. We believed there was a better way. A much better way. That is why we created ORGANIC FOOD BAR.

Where can I buy ORGANIC FOOD BAR?

ORGANIC FOOD BAR products are available worldwide in over 30 countries at select natural, health, grocery and specialty stores in addition to online retailers worldwide. Please see our store tab if you would like to purchase directly from Organicfoodbar.se.


In 1997, Dr. Jack J. Singh formulated ORGANIC FOOD BAR products along with a select team of health conscious enthusiasts. We have over three generations of combined experience preparing healthy organic foods.

What are all of the products that ORGANIC FOOD BAR offers?

We offer an array of delicious ORGANIC FOOD BARS in addition to our ORGANIC FOOD BAR Vegan Proteins. For more information, please visit our Product Page.

Is ORGANIC FOOD BAR low in sugar?

ORGANIC FOOD BAR products contain relatively small amounts of naturally occurring organic sugars in whole food ingredients and these organic sugars are “slow-release” sugars from ingredients like organic dates, organic Cassava (Tapioca), organic berries, organic raisins and our newest LOW SUGAR protein bars that contains organic NuVous (organic Stevia, organic Lycii Berry, Organic Orange Flavor) which is a great deal better for your moods, your body and your overall health.

I know that you do not use peanuts but have the nuts that you use ever come in close contact with peanuts?

Peanut allergies can be very serious — and in rare cases, life-threatening. The almond or cashew butter in ORGANIC FOOD BAR products is made on peanut free line. Organic Food Bar products are however made in a facility that does process Peanuts, Nuts, Tree Nuts and Dairy. Some people that are severely allergic, however, can be allergic to any nut. So, it’s imperative that you check on this with your family physician.

Do you or will you use fumigated almonds from California to make you Organic Food Bars, and if so, will you label them, or do you have sources from other countries?

We do not use California almonds due to the fumigation and pasteurization issues. We will not use fumigated almonds due to possible health concerns. We source all of our ingredients, first-hand, directly from the farmers. This helps to maintain an unparalleled quality of ORGANIC FOOD BARS for our customers. We import our Almonds from Europe and our Almond butter is prepared according to our proprietary recipe.

When I unwrapped [the bar], I saw that the inside of the wrapping was aluminum. I have been reading some disturbing news about [aluminum]. So, what [are] your thoughts on that?

We go to great lengths to ensure product safety, to maintain our position of being the healthiest bars in the world. Our wrappers are specifically-designed and manufactured to ensure that there is absolutely no leaching of any material into ORGANIC FOOD BAR products and this simply is metalized film. Most bar wrappers have a thin layer of food safe plastic — some have none! — but our wrapper have more than one layer to guarantee that the food inside is perfectly safe and wholesome. We also perform what is known as a “cold seal,” so there is no heat involved in sealing the wrapper. This further ensures a safe and healthy product.

The package says product of USA. Are all of the ingredients grown and processed in the USA?

ORGANIC FOOD BAR is made fresh daily in our own GMP certified and US-based Solar Powered facility in California. This state-of-the-art facility is certified organic, kosher and gluten free. Organic Food Bar products are also non-GMP project verified.

Our ingredients are sourced from the very finest vendors and farmers in Europe, the United States of America and Canada. We do not use any Chinese ingredients in our ORGANIC FOOD BAR products and we do not contract out any part of our manufacturing process overseas. We understand that food quality and safety is especially important to people, particularly these days in light of recent media coverage. We want all of our customers to know that we at ORGANIC FOOD BAR go to extraordinary lengths to ensure the healthiest and safest products possible.

There is no information on the web site to learn what the TM ingredients are. I understand there may be issues of protecting trade secrets but I would like to know something about these ingredients such as Bio Sprouts./h2>

BioSprouts is merely a registered name used for all the sprouts we make. We sprout roughly 10 different seeds including Quinoa and Flax, which we add to the ORGANIC FOOD BARS.

I have noticed that some of your products are marked Vegan and some are not. Are all products Vegan or just the ones marked?

Absolutely no ORGANIC FOOD BARS contain any ingredient from animal sources. The reason we do not represent our bars with chocolate chips as VEGAN is because they are made on shared equipment that also makes dairy chocolate. We hold ourselves to the highest standards of integrity and “Truth in Advertising.” That is why we are so careful about what we say on our labels. Keep in mind that we handcraft our bars in our own certified organic and kosher facility (which is exceedingly rare in this business). We also thoroughly clean the machines between productions. However, there may be trace amounts (in extremely low PPM (parts per million)) of dairy. Otherwise, our chocolate chips are dark chocolate and are non-dairy.

Can you please tell me what the difference is between your organic and raw organic bars?

Our 68 gram ORGANIC FOOD BARS contain almond butter as a base. Our 50 gram RAW ORGANIC FOOD BARS contain cashew butter. If you want the best possible bar, then our 68 gram bars with almond butter are the choice to make due to the superior alkalinity properties. At the same time, the RAW 50 gram bars are without question the best value and the healthiest product in this price category.

What are BioSprouts and what types and how do you use them in your bars?

Our BioSprouts Flax and Quinoa are made in our own facility in Austria. Sprouting activates the seed and increases the vitamins, enzymes, lignans and phytonutrients considerably. An unsprouted seed is basically in a dormant stage with a very low nutritional value. Sprouting (germination) literally brings the seed alive! And, that brings you alive! Eating RAW Living Foods makes a HUGE difference for your body and your life.

I read on your website that you don’t use soy lecithin in your products anymore. What do you now use as a binding agent?

We do not use Soy Lecithin anymore — and, this is a little known fact — most, if not all, soy is GMO contaminated, even the organic variety! Few food companies make changes on the fly based on a changing world. But, ORGANIC FOOD BAR is constantly making adjustments to bring the most current and updated findings to the health of our bar. This is the reason we removed soy from all our products. ORGANIC FOOD BAR stands alone as the pioneer and leader of RAW organic movement since 2001. And, that commitment is stronger than ever within a food industry riddled with compromise. When it comes to your health — your most precious asset — ORGANIC FOOD BAR makes no compromises.

I need a bar that has no sunflowers or sunflower oil, no sesame seed or sesame seed oil and no cashews. Do you have any?

Our 68gram ORGANIC FOOD BARS do not contain any of those ingredients; there are total of nine delicious varieties sure to delight your taste buds! Please visit http://organicfoodbar.se to see all the available flavors. Thank you for your support…and Enjoy!

What does ‘cold processed’ mean with implications to nutritional value of product?

Cold processed means that ORGANIC FOOD BAR products are not baked. Moreover, the ingredients are not made over 45 °C. This means ORGANIC FOOD BAR is alkaline-forming, high in vitamin and enzyme content and easily digested. The ingredients you find in ORGANIC FOOD BAR products are very high quality and cannot be compared with any other bar. We have never used any Chinese ingredients from the start when we effectively pioneered the RAW organic movement back in 2001. Everything else you see on the shelf is a cheap copy. Unlike most companies, ORGANIC FOOD BAR products are made fresh in our own facility that processes no Peanuts, Wheat, Gluten, Dairy or Soy.

When you say something is “raw”, do you mean uncooked, unprocessed? Is this always safe? Do you have a thorough washing or cleaning process for the fruit, seeds etc?

When speaking of commercially-available food, the designation “raw” means uncooked and unprocessed at temperatures under 45 °C. Of course, there is proper and thorough cleaning and washing of all ingredients before they are used in food manufacturing.

One key aspect to remember is that most bacteria is beneficial to humans and only a very small percentage is harmful. If you pasteurize or irradiate food, you lose and kill the friendly bacteria present in raw foods along with most vitamins, enzymes and phytonutrients. Dead food really isn’t beneficial to humans or animals since it lacks proper nutrition necessary for our bodies to function (Think in terms of the three “R’s”: Rebuild, Repair and Regenerate).

Most of the salmonella scare has stemmed from commercial farms and NOT organic farms. When commercial “Big Business” farmers abuse farming methods, this is what happens. All the Feed Lots, Chicken Farms, GMO crops, Chemical Spraying just does not work. Instead, it destroys the fertile soil and beneficial organisms which we need. One example is the dramatic reduction or “die-off” in bee colonies. All the countries that practice these abusive farming methods have issues with bee colony die off. If we don’t have bees to pollinate our crops, we will be left with basic grain foods and most of the fruits and vegetables will die off.

Of course, there is some food that we should cook and eat and most of these kinds of food are meat and fish products, depending on how fresh they are and how the animal was raised.

Balanced organic raw living foods give life. Remember: Live Food Live Body, Dead Food Dead Body.